Life itself is only a vision, a dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thought.
~ Wednesday, July 11 ~

Dystopia-Taste your own medicine 

why are animals so abused?
used as jackets, bracelets, and shoes
cosmetics, and food, and cagd up in zoos
i think it should be done to you
kill furriers, rip off their heads
grate their skin, eat their flesh
break into a scientists lab
vivisect the fucker, stab em to death
slaughter your children like you slaughter veal
i show no pity cos its just a meal to me
i am smarter so its justified
follow your logic and kill your whole family
make them drink draino, lysol, and gas
then shove electrodes straight up their ass
eat malathion, eat DDT
you made your bed, now in it you sleep
your ehtics and morals, fucked up and stupid
no value for life, unless it is human
club you like you club seals
lured and beaten, see how it feels
your body stuffed, a trophy for all
drink beer and laugh with your head on my wall
brainwashed from birth
eat death, wear death, oblivious
didn’t know, didn’t care, didn’t ask
eat death, wear death, oblivious
do you know? do you care?

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